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Sunil Shinde Grape Management:-(Consultancy)

We started above firm-dedicated to growing export quality grapes.
-We have Team of 4 Agronomist-
1) Avinash Watpade.
2) Sunil Halde.
3) Sharad Pawar.
4) Anil Handge.
-we are working with >500 Grape Growers and Area is >2000 Acers
-we gives field visits to farm at every 10-12 days interval.
-gives day wise schedule to growers and SMS system to our growers for aware of weather FORCAST and important hints about Growing.
-monthly village wise group meetings and gives solutions on whatsapp.


Our Agronomist is visited to farm and gives the best guidance to growers.

SMS System

Our team is guide also the by SMS System

Whats APP

If any problems occurs in ryot farm then we guide the ryot on whats app also.

Grape Master App

Our grape Master app is the online consultany app.This is very flexible and easy for                                     used. It is whole online                                     consultancy guide app.

Phone Calls

Our team also attend phone calls of ryot.

Unity of Team

Each section we have one captain to arranges the all meetings.

Please Download the App Grape Master.Get it on..