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Muskmelon is commonly known as Cantaloupe and kharbuja especially in India however also famous as rock melon and sweet melon all over the world. It is found in many varieties, shapes and colors and belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family.

        PS AGRO EXPORTS, we source Muskmelon directly from growers and from our own farm with target of getting best quality Muskmelon throughout season. Our Agro Consultancy service is specialized in Muskmelon production
They guide each and every grower of group for whole season to get quality Muskmelon .

Health benefits of Muskmelon:-

1) Provides Relief from Acidity.
2) Stimulates Digestive Functioning
* Benefits of Muskmelon for Skin:-
3)Contains all Essential Nutrients.
4)Maintains Skin Texture.
5)Regulates Blood Flow during Menstruation.
6)Induce Breast Milk Production.

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